Baseball Bloggers Alliance Update

  • 13 December 2017
  • bba

Our membership is taking a small timeout from all of our coverage of so many things baseball to discuss what we are and what we aim to accomplish. (At least how I interpret it anyway)

We aim to foster communication between individual blogs with regard to baseball and the numerous topics that surround it. Every year, we vote on three major topics: the Hall of Fame ballot in January, the All-Star game ballot in July, and our own versions of the major awards given out following the end of the season.

Essentially, I have come to find this to be a great way to find people who are interested in discussing baseball year round who do an extremely good job of covering either their favorite teams or baseball in general. You can read more about the BBA here, including a list of all current members (over 230 at last count!) I’ve linked to a few of these specific blogs before, and are some of my favorites:

Marlin Maniac – Michael Jong is the main writer here, and he along with John Herold do a great job of covering all things Florida Marlins. I have to imagine that this can definitely be similar to following a team like my Oakland Athletics, as they try to do more with less and build more through cast-offs and trades. He recently wrote about the comparison he saw between the recent completed Adrian Gonzalez trade and the 2008 trade of Miguel Cabrera, and I really enjoyed the insights.

Baseball Past and Present – Graham Womack recently asked for (and received from quite a few people) votes for who the 50 greatest players not in the Hall of Fame were. There were no caveats (banned players were allowed for example), and he got a very interesting group of players that ended up in the overall top 50.

Misc. Baseball – Misc. Baseball tends to cover a lot of different topics about baseball, and I almost always seem to find the topics they choose very interesting. Here you can find a great post about the early days of baseball’s interactions with the internet. The scariest part is that this really wasn’t that long ago.

The Hall of Very Good – The Hall of Very Good covers a lot of general baseball topics, and of course discusses the candidates for the Hall of Fame each year as well. In addition to getting some great interviews (Kato Kaelin anyone? ), he is also in the midst of reviewing each player on the ballot’s case this year. His recent writeup of 1st year candidate Jeff Bagwell is excellent.

All in all, I’ve been extremely happy with not only the community that founder Daniel Shoptaw and the other bloggers here have built, but also with the great writing all over as a result.