1 Blue Jays Way : 25 Man Roster Challenge

Alright, so I had this great vision come to me about a month ago. Wouldn’t it be neat to have the four contributors to this blog try to predict the Opening Day, 25 Man Roster for your Toronto Blue Jays? Then we put up a poll that closes before the rosters must be announced, so that you the reader could vote on who you thought would win. If in the event of a tie, we could use the starting rotation as the deciding factor because no doubt that would be different. At stake are bragging rights for both the results of the vote and the actual contest.

Nemesis Enforcer

The Man With The Golden Arm

Last Row 500’s

The Human Rain Delay

All four of the competitors selected the same 20 players. Where it gets interesting are the remaining 5 roster spots. A few players only show up on one list.
Nemesis Enforcer: Chavez, Valdez, Carlson, Eveland, Janssen
The Man With The Golden Arm: Molina,Valdez, Carlson, Eveland, Zinicola
Last Row 500’s: Molina, Cecil, Accardo, McGowan, Roenicke
The Human Rain Delay: Molina, Cecil, Accardo, Carlson, Eveland

Interesting omissions:
Last Row 500’s: Carlson, Eveland
Nemesis Enforcer: Molina

The great divide = Brian Tallet. Two competitors have him penciled in as a starter, two a reliever.

There you have it. Four hardcore Blue Jays fans asked one simple question…..and what you got were four very different answers. Now it’s your turn, please vote for who you think is right!


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